1. Identify the functional benefic planets and the functional malefic planets.
  2. Identify and explain the strength of the planets.
  3. Check the strength of strong planets in the birth chart in the concerned divisional charts.
  4. Identify the close and exact afflictions.
  5. Indicate that the weak planets/houses make one vulnerable to delays and setbacks for the significations of the concerned planet and/or house.
  6. Indicate stressful results for the severely afflicted planets.
  7. Study and explain the combined effect of main and sub periods and the Triple Transit influences for the next six months to one year, or for the requested time.
  8. Suggest astral remedies for strengthening of the weak functional benefic planets.
  9. Suggest propitiatory remedies for the functional malefic planets.
  10. Indicate unfavorable colors and unfavorable stones so that the person avoids these in dress and furnishings in the home and in the car.
  11. Indicate unfavorable stones so that the person avoids these in jewels.
  12. Answer specific questions, if any.