Proceedings of International Conference of SA Astrologers 2016

- 16th and 17th JANUARY,



Club Patio South, South City-II,
 Gurgaon, India.
16th and 17th January, 2016.

Many honorable officers/members of the IIPA including Mr. David Hawthorne from the USA, Dr. Shayn Smith from Colorado, USA, Mr. Jo Cohen and Mr. Remi Penniset from France, Mr. Thor, Iceland, Dr. Shankar Bhagvadpad, from Chennai, India, Mr. Amit Patnaik from the USA and Mrs. Mary Araas-Wright from the USA conveyed their good wishes for the participants and for the success of the Conference. 

The Chairman, IIPA, welcomed all the participants to the 11th International Conference of SA Astrologers. The Conference started with prayers to Lord Ganesha. The Conference was planned keeping in mind the itinerary of Dr. Miller who makes a visit to India every year en route to Sikkim, where he offers free Medical Services to monastery people.

This year the planetary position has been quite difficult and many participants had to drop their involvement due to problems at their end. By the grace of God the Conference was held as planned.

Jupiter’s conjunction with Rahu is a prolonged one and its impacts are likely to be felt for the next one and a half months. This creates sudden problems for anyone. On the 14th January 2016 in the evening the planets Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and the Moon were under the exact affliction of Rahu. 

The role of the transits and application of astral remedies is of utmost importance and an integral part of any recommendations offered to persons seeking astrological advice. The crux of the application of astrological principles is in making predictions and timing events, such as: recovery of patients, finding a job change, timing marriage, and timing the birth of children, etc. etc. The natal and transit afflictions as well as the transits of slow moving planets in the malefic houses cause more concerns when the Moon of a person is weak and badly placed in the horoscope. The following new insights were discussed in the Conference while discussing the case studies: (not to forget is the important point of slow moving planets transiting in malefic houses)

1. Whenever the slow moving planets Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu or Ketu are in the fifth, seventh or eleventh houses, the person faces notable problems in the early years of childhood giving setbacks in studies and health. The family also faces stress.
2. When the nodes are stationary at the time of birth, the child is vulnerable to congenital defects.
3. Those born in Taurus, Gemini or Cancer ascendants find the winter season difficult as the fast moving planets pass through their sixth, seventh and eight houses.
4. The weak Moon for those born in the Gemini ascendant gives problems of frequent coughs and colds, seasonal sensitivity and makes them vulnerable to lung and autoimmune disorders.
5. A weak Venus makes the Taurus born people vulnerable to frequent acidity and intestinal disorders resulting in headaches.
6. A weak Jupiter makes the Cancer born people vulnerable to intestinal and liver disorders.
7. During the prolonged transit impact, or during the sub periods of afflicted planets of the natal chart the results of medical treatment are very slow or imperceptible.
8. When the lords of the sixth and eighth houses are conjunct or cause a mutual exact aspect, they make the native vulnerable to sudden and fatal mishaps.
9. When Rahu and Ketu are conjunct with the most effective points of the houses occupied by them, they make the native vulnerable to sudden and serious illness. This is more so when one of the them or both of them are placed in the malefic houses.
Some more details of the proceedings/case studies are likely to be prepared by Mr. Rajesh Lohia and may be circulated later.
The Conference came to a close after a vote of thanks by Mr. Ashutosh Pandey.

The following Systems’Approach astrologers actively participated in the deliberations of the Conference.

1. Mr. V K Choudhry, Founder & Chairman, IIPA.
2. Dr. Jonathan Miller, President, IIPA California Chapter, USA.
3. Mr. Krishan Rajesh Chaudhary, Gurgaon, India.
4. Mr. Ashutosh Pandey, Mumbai, India.
5. Dr. Mrs. K Batra, Gurgaon, India.
6. Mr. Rajesh Hasija, Gurgaon, India 
7. Mr. Rakesh Shukla, New Delhi, India.
8. Mr.Nawal Kishore, New Delhi, India. 
9. Mr. Rajesh Lohia, Indore, India. 
10. Mr. Rakesh Sharma, Gurgaon, India.
11. Mr. Suman Vashishth, Delhi, India. 
12. Mr. Deepak Kapoor, New Delhi, India.
13. Mr. Yamash Prakash Gupta, Delhi, India.
14. Mrs. Sushila Sharma, Delhi, India.
15. Mr. A. P. Kaushik, Gurgaon, India.
16. Mrs. Ritu Gupta, Delhi, India.
17. Mrs. Neera Chopra, Gurgaon, India.
18. Mr. Deepankar Bahadur, Delhi, India.
19. Mr. Abhay Krishnaji Nagar, Mumbai, India.
20. Mr. Davinder Kalra, New Delhi, India. 
21. Mr. N.K.Sharma, Gurgaon, India. 
22. Mr. Suresh Virmani, Gurgaon, India.
CS1: Here most of the planets in the nativity are strong and almost no apparent negativity is observed in the chart; yet the child suffered inability to speak properly in early years of the life.
Professor VK Choudhry invited attention to the fact that the transit for 2-3 years is indicative of sufferings since slow moving planets (Ju, Ra & Sa) are transiting through malefic 6th (Ju) 12th (Ra) and 12th (Sa) houses respectively rendering these planets weak during transit; therefore, the 3H & 1H significations bound to suffer. The communication abilities could be improved noticeably only after Sa leaving the 12H in its transit.
CS2: Referring to the focused theme of the conference (the impact of Rahu and Ketu); a case of the child was presented by Mr. Rajesh Choudhary wherein the MEP (there is the most effective point (MEP) of each house known by the degree rising in the ascendant. The close impact of the planets in the case of houses is gauged through their closeness to the natal positions) in the chart is closely afflicted by the Ra-Ke axis rendering all odd houses and their respective lords (Ve, Ju, Sa, Ma & Su) weak. The child is quite active; able to recognize the people even at the infancyage of three months; yet, the affliction to MEP by Ra-Ke rendered the child unable to speak at present. It may be observed that next transit of 3L Ju in 12H for the native is also difficult in this regard since this will render the weak Ju still weaker due to transit from malefic house. It was also discussed that forthcoming sub-period Ju-Me is also not appreciated as Me is closely afflicting Su. At this stage Professor Choudhry suggested that remedial & propitiatory measure shall help a lot in such cases.

CS3: A chart was presented indicating that close malefic influence of Rahu like planets (lord of 8H or 12H) can also cause havoc on life. Here in this example though the native is a PhD holder, yet the exact affliction of Ju to the house occupied and aspected caused many difficulties including profession & marital aspects of the life. Exact affliction of Ju to 4H (the 4H is otherwise also weak) has eluded the peace of mind. Professor mentioned that the lady contacted him in the year 2007 and he suggested remedial measures; she did it for some time; got job and other reliefs; then she stopped performing remedies; again job problem occurred in 2015. It was also came to notice during discussion that the lady was married to a very old fellow of an age of her father! It can be observed that all the houses signifying marital aspects (7H, 2H & 4H) are weak and/or afflicted. 7L Mo debilitated (but good placement in 11H helping nuptial knot; otherwise marriage was also bound to be eluded dream); 2L Sa debilitated in 4H; 4L Ma weak due to infancy. These are to pose difficulties in marital life.

CS4: Mr. AP Kaushik presented a chart of a lady indicating the effect of exact afflictions of Ra-Ke as well as affliction of Rahu-like-planet. The native met an accident on 14Feb’09 at 11pm by slipping in her bathroom leading to injury of brain hemorrhages. The situation still deteriorated and is in coma since 6 month and bed ridden. Professor indicated that Mo & Me are strong in nativity. Me exactly afflicts 6H MEP. Ma & Sa are having exact affliction of Ra-Ke axis. This is indicative of middle span of longevity. Mr. AP Kaushik also put forward chart of the the husband of this lady native; wherein it was observed that the Ve being significator of wife was badly placed, weak and afflicted by Ke and therefore such events are likely to surface. Concluding the discussion, Professor VK Choudhry reiterated his insistence on remedial actions. He opined that before happening of the event; the propitiation of Ra-Ke & Me and strengthening of weak Ma & Sa could have saved from such accident.
The benefits of conference are to provide an opportunity to interact among inter-se and it serve as a workshop to help sharpen the predictive techniques so as to guide the native confidently. The case studies and examples serve as enrichment of knowledge as well as test-check over the understanding of Systems Approach techniques & rules.

The Professor further discussed that whenever the slow moving planets such as Saturn, Rahu, Ketu & Jupiter are placed in 5H, 7H or 11H at the time of birth of a native; then such native suffers noticeable problems in the early years of childhood. This is because in the transits in the forthcoming 1-2 years these planets will move to malefic houses (6H disease, 8H obstacles or 12H losses) rendering them weak and afflicted thereby unable to protect and promote their respective significations; moreover, being slow moving planets, shall have prolonged stay in these malefic houses.

Concept of dispositer is known to all participants; however the Professor reiterated that one should find the dispositer’s dispositer that is the ultimate dispositer so as to gauge the true strength of a planet by accessing strength of the ultimate dispositer. Strength of any planet cannot overtake strength of its ultimate dispositer. In order to rule-out any misunderstanding it was explained that if the dispositer is strong; the strength of a planet shall limited its own strength. A dispositer can reduce the power of a planet placed in its MT sign but it cannot help increasing the power of such planet substantially. The increase in power is very marginal say 10% to 15% whereas the decrease due to weakness is to the full extent. In the below mentioned case study CS5 the effect of the ultimate dispositer is evident.

CS5: This is a chart of native who is bed ridden since many years. The dispositer of Mo & Ma is Ve. Mo & Ma both are afflicted by Ra placed in the malefic 6H (house of disease). The Ve is also exactly afflicted by badly placed Ra from house of disease whose dispositer is weak Sa. Therefore, the ultimate dispositer for these three planets is utterly weak Sa leading to all undesired consequences. In such cases strengthening of the dispositer (of course, alongwith propitiation of malefic & strengthening of other weak planets) helps a lot.

CS6: Chart of twins; male & female. The female native is born just a few minutes thereafter. Male is facing health problem whereas female is all well. It was discussed that there could be an error in noting of time. Mr. Rajesh Choudhary pointed that the Pisces ascendant is a fast moving among the ascendants therefore even a minor change in time shall have noticeable bearing on the difference of predictions.

It was discussed that there is close/exact affliction of Ra-Ke to the ascendant itself (and of course to the houses occupied and aspected) indicate fair chances of retarded physical growth, as well as otherwise up-bringing difficulties are expected to surface because the next transit of slow moving planets within 1-2 years shall be in the malefic houses (Sa in 6H; Ke in 6H, Ra in 12H and Ju in 8H). Such transits do poses hindrances in growth of the native.

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