Help one’s parents and the elderly.

Do service and give donations for the afflicted, and the poor and needy.

Wear a kavach and the proper planetary gemstones.

Use the proper colors as per your own chart.

Propitiate the functional malefic planets through charitable deeds. *

Use proper Mantra for the functional malefic operating planets.

Have proper Vastu at home and office.**

Practice spirituality according to one’s faith.


Additionally, the astrologer should:

Bathe or shower in the morning before food or drink.

Have prayers and meditation.

Perform remedies per his or her chart.

Practice the divine way of life: contentment; service to humanity; help the elderly, poor and needy; be kind, generous, and benevolent; avoid deeper involvement in sensual pleasures, anger, pride, greed, and envy.

Read the Ramayana or other spiritual book for 15 minutes per day.

Do one bead mala (108 repetitions) of the following mantras in the morning to propitiate all the planets:


* For example, if Sun is a functional malefic planet, help your father, father-in-law, and elderly men on Sundays; if Moon is a functional malefic planet, help your mother, mother-in-law, and elderly women on Mondays, etc.

**Vastu chapter in the book, “Predictive Techniques” is enough for those who are following astral remedies. Essentially, use plenty of light and bright, fresh colors, along with openness and cleanliness, and a natural inflow of air and sunlight.